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Some sculptures are made of white clay more resistent studied for raku process. It remains white after the first fire and colored after the second fire, some sculptures are made of white clay not for raku.

Raku process
During raku process some small cracks or little black points make on the pieces, it is crackle process, it is normal, it is the beauty and the characteristic of this technique that makes the pieces unique. The raku process is very strong with strong changes of temperature on the piece.
After first fire I color the eyes and the lips by ceramic color, then I put the sculpture on “glaze” (cristallina). Then I color the hair by oxide colors, copper, iron and I put in the second kiln. Until 970°C-980°C degrees. I open the kiln and I put the sculpture on “bed of leaves, wooden dust..” and I cover,  here it happens chemical reaction, then I discover, and I polish.

There is a wooden pedestal with metal bar/or/wood to lean on a table. The raku pieces have a wooden base and bar treated with rust effect color.

The pieces have a wooden box, bubble wrap/polystyrene to send by courier.

Limited series
My sculptures are unique pieces or part of limited edition of 5, 10 and 25 pieces. Every piece has a certificate signed by me. Some sculptures have a certificate signed from Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Export Office.

For more info please contact me by email

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